EPROM EMU NG – Use cases.

Here is a couple of examples of how people ended up using my EPROM emulator:

Let’s start with Torsten, who decided to use the emulator to help with the development on his ZX81.

The next one on the list is John and his OMEGA MSX, here is what John shared with me: “Emulator working on my OMEGA MSX (Home built). I use the emulator to emulate cartridge eproms (small games up 64K)”

Leon, the “car hacker” uses the emulator to tune the map inside his car’s ECU.

Richard had a somewhat unusual but very interesting use case:

“Here is a picture of my HP-71b with the HP Curve Fitting 32k ROM loaded in the emulator. Fantastic. I can put my $10 UV Eprom eraser away for good”

Luke is using the emulator to develop firmware for the very popular Ben Eater’s BE6502 “computer”:

“Now I am able to write 6502 assembly in VSCode and use a Makefile to build and deploy the code directly to the BE6502. It even triggers the reset line after code is deployed”

Rick is using the emulator with his Atari 2600

Rene has been working on his 8080 computer and this is what he had to say about the emulator:

“I think, this is a great tool and will make my development much easier. My target: a modular DIY system, developed in Germany in the early 80s. See nkc-wiki.de”

Alexander, my good friend from Canada and his amazing 6802 wire wrapped computer:

Last but not least is Laurent, who is using the emulator to revive some old 8031 projects, Laurent mentions:

your emulator opens a wealth of new possibilities, thank you so much!”

Note how in his emulator the probe connector is soldered on the bottom side of the PCB, turns out there are two versions of the emulator probe DIP28 connector, so he was forced to “mirror” the connections by installing the connector this way.

Hendrik-Jan is using the emulator with a 6502 based KIM-1 clone called PAL-1, he says:

“I’m very thoroughly impressed by everything about this device, both hardware and software...It’s really awesome to see how easy it is to work on some code, assemble it to a binary file and just upload it... just getting to know the emulator, lots to learn, and certainly many different projects to explore in the future (Ben Eater 6502, Commodore 64, RC2014, Microprofessor,  SDK-85, and now soon also MGH80).

Greg built his emulator to develop firmware for a custom Z80 board he is working on, here is what he thinks about the emulator:

“The emulator is an amazing piece of kit that has saved me loads of time especially as a Z80 beginner. I would have had to program an EPROM and swap in and out of the board until my code was working”

Matt is using the emulator on some cool vintage computers, here is what he thinks:

Love the EPROM-EMU-NG, have used it on a Syscom II Apple Clone with mixed up data bit order, and starting work on a Victor 9000″

Rod shared how he is using the emulator in radio hobby, programming his UHF transceiver, he wrote “I have to say it is a great piece of kit“.

A fellow Kris (aka “E-Synthesist”) shared progress of his firmware upgrade project for the Wersi Mk1 synthesizer where he has managed to implement the missing support of the MIDI DUMP function! Apparently, the synth was sold with documentation mentioning this function but it was never actually implemented. Kris developed new firmware that implements the function, here is what he mentioned about the emulator:

“During this project I think I have transferred about 100 interim and test versions of the firmware to the Wersi Mk1. So the project would definitely not have been possible without your EPROM Emulator!”

If you have an interesting use case for the emulator, send me pictures please and I’ll add them here.

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